Tiny Acts of Love


Happiness isn’t always in the big moments, the huge family gatherings, the proposals, the long-awaited visit from your childhood friend who now lives half a world away. These are all amazing thing, things to be celebrated for sure. But every day gives us so many chances to connect with others.  We have countless opportunities to send tiny acts of love out into the world. We can smile at the person stuck next to us in traffic, leave quarters on the gumball machines in the grocery store, move a shopping cart away from someone’s car in a parking lot. I leave rocks and love notes for strangers. We each know what kind of kindness suits us, what kind of goodness we’re most able to send out into the world.

Sometimes people will know you’ve sent love their way, and sometimes they won’t. Sometimes they will be able to see and accept it, and sometimes they won’t notice it at all. That isn’t your concern. Your only job is to send the love out there, to see the tiny chances to do something lovely and just do it. You don’t save a kitten from a tree so the kitten can thank you. You save a kitten from a tree because it just feels right in your heart, because you’re happier knowing you saw an opportunity to do good and you took it.

There are days when the world can seem too cold, too angry, too filled with hate. There are things that happen that are almost horrifyingly wrong. It can feel overwhelming, and the harshness we see can threaten to break us. But remember that the hateful ones do not outnumber those of us who want a lovely world, the hateful ones are just louder, and get more attention sometimes. So let’s love louder. Let’s make our acceptance and kindness and genuine desire for goodness be heard. Let’s start small, because that’s where all good things begin.

The tiniest acts of love and kindness can send ripples through your day. With that kind of goodness pushing you forward, there’s really nothing that’s ever going to be out of your reach. With that kind of mindset, each of us can take tiny steps every day towards changing our lives and changing the world. And even on the ugliest days, I think we can all agree that a kinder world is something worth fighting for.





***If you’d like to see more of what I’m up to in the world of kindness, check me out here:  instagram


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